• AFB Anlagen- und Filterbau GmbH


  • The company AFB Anlagen- und Filterbau GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1969 as family-owned enterprise

  • The business idea was focused on the production of wire mesh filters for industrial facilities in most different applications.
  • The manufacture of telescopic fork units as a new and innovative product followed quite soon.
  • A result are patents and their continuous extension worldwide.
  • At the end of the eighties the management of the company was handed over to the second generation
  • Now as then we enhance our products individually according to customer needs.
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • The basis of our success shows a multiplicity of effectively realized applications in the global industrial market.
  • Flexible customer requirements are realized by our experienced engineering team and the resulting in-house production.
  • Our customers all over the world appreciate our long experience and reliable quality "MADE IN GERMANY".
  • 2013 : Delivery of management to the third generation of the family

More than forty-five years of experience have made AFB Anlagen- und Filterbau a competent and global provider of load handling devices for transport technology. Our know-how is the result of more than 10.000 client applications. It is also the basis for the flexible design and production of individual customer solutions.

Our motto is:

The load handling devices made by AFB Anlagen- und Filterbau cover loads from 20 kg up to more than 50 tons for different load carriers. They are installed in our customers’ automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) or automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) as well as in our own transfer cars. AFB handling devices are suitable for different environmental conditions and a wide temperature range (-30°C ambient temperature or +400°C load temperature). Our products "MADE IN GERMANY" are put to use in many intra-logistic sectors.


Frederic Schneider