Für die automatisierte Ein- und Auslagerung von Coils haben wir mit dem MAXILOAD Typ 560-650-2480 ein wahres Kraftpaket konstruiert

Telescopic fork for the storage and retrieval of coils

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  • February 11, 2021

Industry application MAXILOAD Type 560-650-2480

For the automated storage and retrieval of coils, we have designed the MAXILOAD type 560-650-2480, a true powerpack. Payloads of up to 33.8 tons on one prong are no problem for it. Thanks to a complex manufacturing process, it has enormous bending strength and moves the load particularly reliably and precisely. And even extreme load temperatures of over 400 °C are easily mastered by the fully chain-driven MAXILOAD, as it is equipped with an insulating layer between the prism and the top fork, which perfectly shields the heat of the load.

Technical specification MAXILOAD type 560-650-2480:

• Load: Steel-coils
• Load weight: 33,8 t
• Temperature of the load: 400°C
• Stroke: 2575 + 65
• Length of the unit: 2480 mm
• Height of extending profiles: 560 mm
• Width of extending profiles: 650 mm
• Total height: 1410 mm
• Self weight of the complete unit: approx. 7 t

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