Rotary pushing fork for the storage and retrieval of steel coils

  • Ovidiu
  • February 10, 2022

Our innovative DSG-5.0-2200 rotary pushing fork was specially developed for the safe storage and retrieval of steel coils. In order to handle different dimensions of the coils flexibly, the rotary pushing fork has a clamping device specially developed by AFB. This fixes the steel coils securely and prevents them from slipping when the stacker crane or the fork moves. The advantage: transporting steel coils weighing up to 5 tonnes is uncomplicated and safe.

Well-designed system for safe transport

The rotary pushing fork consists of a two-part mandrel. The upper part of which enables both the pick-up and the delivery of the steel coils in the rack. The lower part is used to attach the clamping device, which holds the heavy transport goods securely in place. In addition, sensors continuously monitor the position of the load on the mandrel, which is specially equipped for this purpose with integrated cable ducts for wiring.

Technical specifications:

  •  Load: Steel coils

  •  Load weight: 5000 kg

  •  Length of the steel coils: max. 1395 mm

  •  Diameter of the steel coils: max. 1100 mm

  •  Mandrel length: 1554 mm

  •  Stroke: 1595 + 30 mm

  •  Length of the unit: 2200 mm

  •  Rotation diameter: 2.320 mm

  •  Rotation angle: 180°

  •  Self weight of the complete unit: approx. 2.860 kg

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