Push-pull telescopic fork for storage and retrieval of boxes

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  • February 6, 2020

Push-pull system for successful delivery processes

Customized push-pull telescopic fork

For our end customer ALTERNATE GmbH, we renewed the load handling devices of the stacker cranes in Linden, Hesse. The distributor sells an assortment of more than 50,000 products – so the delivery of goods has to be fast. Unfortunately, the previous small-parts warehouse could no longer keep up with today’s requirements.
For a re-equipment of the small-parts warehouse, first the old load handling devices as well as the attachment situation and periphery were measured. Subsequently, we designed new equipment that fits perfectly into the existing environment. The new push-pull telescopic forks have two prongs and a symmetrical prong adjustment.

Customized solution for special challenges

The challenge for us was to design equipment for a narrow compartment width while taking into account the narrowness of the aisles and the associated limited installation space. The design of the individual push-pull telescopic fork is therefore rather unusual and allows the storage containers to be handled from both sides. Before final installation of the new equipment, our customer Telogs carried out a successful test setup. All in all, we were able to implement a great project with Telogs for ALTERNATE, which even increased distributor’s goods throughput by 15%.

Technical Data:

  • Load carrier: box (600×400 mm)
  • Load: 50 kg
  • Stroke: 461 + 20 mm
  • Length of the unit: 850 mm
  • Acceleration (loaded / unloaded): 1 m/s2
  • Speed (loaded / unloaded): 40 m/min
  • Self weight of the complete unit: approx. 390 kg

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