Transfer car with lift mast and telescopic fork

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  • February 6, 2020

Precise logistics work at lofty height

Transfer car with lift mast and telescopic fork unit

Our transfer cars with lift mast are perfectly suited for the storage and retrieval of bulk material in stacking containers and are mainly used in buffer storage facilities. The transport and storage of the containers can take place on different levels.

Storage and retrieval made easy

After the cleaning process, the stacking containers are filled before being transferred into the warehouse. In the warehouse itself, two containers at a time can then be picked up from the telescopic fork unit of the transfer car and stored into the rack. Depending on the requirements, the transfer car repeatedly removes containers out of the rack and delivers them to the relevant conveyor system for discharge.

A perfect fit at all levels

The transfer car with lift mast and telescopic fork unit was specially developed for storages with a height of up to 6 meters. The very practical approach dimensions enable precise and uncomplicated logistics work. Since the transfer car itself is floor-guided, there is no force transmission into the rack.

Technical data:

  •  Stroke of telescopic fork unit: 1400 + 30 mm
  •  Lifting height: 3656 mm mm
  •  Max. load weight: 1.000 kg
  •  Travel speed: 40 m/min
  •  Lifting speed: 0,4 m/s
  •  Lowest discharge level: 580 mm (from the floor)
  •  Highest discharge level: 4236 mm (from the floor)

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