Telescopic fork with stationary lift mast system

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  • June 22, 2022

Special design for a press

Telescopic fork with stationary lift mast

With a telescopic fork installed on a stationary lift mast, we were able to provide our customer with valuable support in automating the production of graphite gaskets by means of a press. Our device now offers the optimal possibility to load a press with plates and afterwards to store parts in a buffer. The telescopic fork is a special design with a focus on a particularly narrow extending cross-section, as there is only a very small entry clearance having a width of 65 mm in the customer’s press.

Technical data:

  • Stroke of telescopic fork unit: 1200 + 30 mm

  • Width of extending profiles: 43 mm

  • Height of extending profiles: 92 mm

  • Lifting height of the mast: 350 – 1650 mm

  • Lifting speed:  60 m/ min

  • Lifting acceleration: 0,5 m/s²

  • Max. load weight:  50 kg

  • Lowest discharge level:  400 mm (from the floor)

  • Upper discharge level: 1600 mm (from the floor)

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