Teleskoptisch V-169-206-2000 mit Zinkenverstellung für den Transport von Kabeltrommeln

Telescopic fork with prong adjustment for the storage and retrieval of cable drums

  • Ovidiu
  • March 25, 2021

Telescopic table V-169-206-2000 with fork adjustment for the transport of cable drums

Especially for the automatic storage and retrieval of cable drums, we have developed a telescopic fork with fork adjustment and special devices for load suspension installed on the top forks. These are designed to adapt to the different sizes of cable drums – both in width (between 660 mm and 1175 mm) and in diameter (between 1000 mm and 2000 mm) – thanks to the prong adjustment as well as the support pins. The adjustment of the prongs in a range of approx. 300 mm is carried out by two parallel spindles, thus ensuring maximum symmetry and parallelism.

To stiffen the telescopic fork, the both top forks are connected with two rails. This ensures that the cable drums are picked up with repeatable accuracy and provides additional stability to prevent uneven extension and retraction of the top fork profiles. This also guarantees that the profiles do not twist during off-center load application. The connection can adapt to the different prong distances. The ready-to-install V-169-206-2000 has customized interfaces adapted to the customer’s conditions and can therefore be installed very easily and quickly.

Technical specifications:

• Cargo: cable drums

• Payload: 4,800 kg

• Extension path 2,350 + 50 mm

• Device length 2,000 mm

• Adjustment path of the tine adjustment 300 mm

• Dead weight approx. 2,000 kg

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