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Telescopic fork for the steel industry

  • ovidiu_admin
  • June 11, 2021

In the production of steel strips, test pieces have to be removed regularly – and this has to be done in a process-safe way without endangering people. For this purpose, we have developed a telescopic fork with a special support on the top fork, which has been mounted on a swivel unit. The telescopic fork extends, is rotated in the horizontal level and picks up the sample piece; it then moves via the center position to the release position. There, the sample piece is released by a horizontal swiveling movement onto a conveyor. The rake on which the sample piece is picked up is equipped with a damper that cushions the falling sample piece. In order to withstand the high thermal load, the rake is made of a very hard steel and coated with a heat-resistant paint that can withstand temperatures of up to 400 °C. The telescopic fork has been precisely adapted to the harsh conditions and use in the multi-shift operation of a rolling mill. By automating the sampling process, it was possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the complete production line.

Technical specifications:

  • Load weight: 400 kg

  • Load tempreature: 400°C

  • Stroke: 3385 + 30 mm

  • Rotation angle: 130°

  • Length of the top fork: 1500 mm

  • Length of the unit: 2850 mm

  • Self weight of the complete unit: approx. 1590 kg

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