Flexible load handling and precision work close to the ground

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  • May 27, 2020

Flexible load handling with the R38AL-230-1250

The fast and light among the telescopic forks

Thanks to its compact and at the same time robust aluminum construction, our R38AL230-1250 telescopic fork has a low self-weight. In combination with the belt drive, this offers you the advantage of high dynamic acceleration and speed during your transport processes.

Easy installation and low energy consumption

The unit is equipped with two belt conveyors that enable double-deep storage and retrieval of boxes (e.g. measuring 600×400 mm) in the automated mini-load warehouse. Extremely practical: The R38AL-230-1250 is designed as a complete unit and can therefore be easily installed. In addition: Thanks to the low self-weight, you can achieve high dynamic values during transport even with low energy consumption. If required, the unit frame can be equipped with sensors, which then only need to be wired and adjusted accordingly.

Precision work close to the ground

A compact construction height without disturbing contours underneath the unit enables a particularly low pick-up height of your load carriers. Picking runs in the aisle can be carried out without any problems thanks to the free positioning of the load carriers by the two belt conveyors on the unit. The robust belt drive not only ensures high speeds and acceleration values, but also guarantees repeatable positioning of the telescopic fork.

Technical Data:

  •  Load weight: 100 kg

  •  Belt conveyor quantity: 2

  •  Stroke: 1325 + 30 mm

  •  Length of the top fork: 1200 mm

  •  Length of the unit: 1250 mm

  •  Self weight of the complete unit: approx. 150 kg

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