Transfer car for the transport of beverage crates

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  • March 31, 2022

Secure and fast transport of beverage crates

Transfer car with eccentric lifting device, chain conveyor, clamping device and telescopic fork

For a customer from the beverage industry, AFB implemented a special transfer car as an individual project. The vehicle was equipped with an eccentric lifting device with telescopic fork unit and a clamping device for securing the load. In order to be able to interact perfectly with the customer’s conveyor system, a chain conveyor was also installed on the transfer car. In this way, delivery can take place both into the normal racking system through the telescopic fork and onto the customer’s chain conveyor. In order to accelerate the speed of the transfer car up to 140 m/min, it is pulled in the aisle by an external drive via a diverter station using a tension belt.

The challenge: low clearance and load protection

The customer’s request: A compact transfer car with low front and rear clearance. At the same time, the beverage crates should be protected from tipping over and falling down during the movement, so that a high transport speed can also be realised. AFB developed a clamping device especially for this requirement as an effective load protection.

Technical data:

  • Stroke of telescopic fork unit: 1450 + 30 mm

  • Eccentric lifting height: 100 mm

  • Lifting speed: 3 m/s

  • Max. load weight: 900 kg

  • Travel speed: 140 m/min

  • Lowest discharge level: 815 mm (from the floor)

  • Chain conveyor speed: 30 m/min

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