Zum Transport von Paletten und Gitterboxen hat AFB einen Verfahrwagen mit Hubmast und Drehschubgabel entwickelt, der als wesentlicher Bestandteil in die Produktionslinie des Kunden integriert wurde. Aufgabe des Verfahrwagen ist es, Gitterboxen und Paletten von einem Fördersystem zu entnehmen und auf Stellplätze in zwei verschiedenen Regalen zu verteilen.

Transfer car with lift mast and rotating pushing fork

  • ovidiu_admin
  • November 12, 2020

Transfer car with lifting mast and rotary push fork

For the transport of pallets and lattice boxes, AFB developed a transfer car with lift mast and rotary pushing fork, which was integrated as an essential component of the customer’s production line. The task of the transfer car is to remove lattice boxes and pallets from a conveyor system and distribute them to storage locations on two different racks. If required, the stored lattice boxes or pallets are removed from the rack by our transfer car and transferred to another conveyor system before they are stacked by a machine implemented by the customer. Due to a perfect interaction of the lifting and rotating movement during the travel of the transfer car, the throughput of a large number of pallets and lattice boxes is achieved within a short time.

Technical data of the transfer car:

  • Overall height: 3338 mm

  • Width: 1904 mm

  • Length: 3965 mm

  • Driving speed: 90 m/min

  • Load weight: 400 kg

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