AFB Contingency plans COVID-19

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  • March 27, 2020

AFB Contingency plans COVID-19

Haiger, March 2020

Dear business partner,

Due to the rapidly spreading corona virus, we have taken precautions.

We want to protect you as our service providers, customers and suppliers as well as our employees at site; be available for you and also maintain the supply chain!

Therefore we ask for your understanding and support in avoiding potential risks as far as possible.

To counteract the spread of the virus, AFB has worked on an internal pandemic plan which includes the following measures:

  • Business trips of our employees are reduced to the absolutely necessary
  • Visits to our premises are reduced to the absolute minimum
  • Where contacts can’t be avoided, we have taken precautions to ensure highest possible separation.
  • Visitors have to fill out a self-disclosure form. The visit will only take place if the visitors answer all questions in the negative
  • The cleaning and disinfection intervals are increased by a specialist company
  • Hygiene and behaviour rules for employees has been generated and trained
  • If possible, home office workplaces are provided for our employees. The infrastructure for this is available at AFB for several years
  • We are in permanent contact with the company doctor
  • AFB adheres to recommendations of the government, the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institut), and the responsible Chamber of Commerce

If an unavoidable visit to one of our premises is imminent, kindly inform your employees about this procedure accordingly. Please arrange your employees to contact their respective local contact persons to inquire about any access restrictions or our detailed specifications.

To guarantee the supply chain and spare parts supply to our customers, we have taken the following measures:

  • AFB has “hoarded”. Standard parts as well as selected raw materials are available in our own warehouse to maintain the supply chain to you
  • The availability of purchased parts is constantly checked by our purchasing department. For critical parts, our purchasing department is in close contact with the corresponding suppliers.
  • The availability of spare parts is ensured by our extensive stock. Wear parts of category 1 (such as chains, cam rollers and other bearings) are available at any time. Production parts of category 2 (such as shafts, guides and sprockets) will still be manufactured in our own production facilities to grant normal delivery times (1-3 weeks).

In order to ensure accessibility for customers and suppliers, AFB has taken the following measures:

  • We use a modern phone system which offers the possibility to switch telephone calls to mobile devices or also to the PC’s at the home offices of our employees
  • AFB can also still be reached via the emergency hotline +49 2771 3007 911 in case of quarantine or curfew
  • AFB supports you with questions or in case of technical faults via

o Email:
o Phone: +49 (0) 2771 3007 0
o Video Chat / Skype: afb-aftersales

We have taken all these measures within the scope of our possibilities in order to be able to guarantee you the highest possible supply chain security. Nor we can foresee the impact of the pandemic on our economy. Things are changing rapidly and we promise to keep you informed as soon as bottlenecks can be foreseen.

Thanks for your support – we can only contain spreading of the virus together!

Stay healthy!


Anlagen- und Filterbau GmbH & Co. KG

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