Rotary pushing fork for automatic handling of paper rolls

  • ovidiu_admin
  • February 6, 2020

Case study Rotary pushing fork with mandrae Type DSG-0,5-1950:

For the automatic handling of paper rolls, we have developed a special rotary pushing fork. Instead of the two prongs normally used, the DSG-0.5-1950 has a mandrae that can be tilted by 12° with an eccentric mechanism to pick up the rolls. For optimum and safe handling, sensors have been integrated into the mandrae to ensure that the roll is picked up correctly. A sensor frame is also available for the installation of sensors by the customer.

Technical specifications:

• Load: Paper rolls
• Load weight: 500 kg
• Length of the paper rolls: 1450 mm
• Diameter of the paper rolls: max. 700 mm
• Mandrae length: 452 mm
• Stroke: 1660 + 30 mm
• Length of the unit: 1950 mm
• Rotating diameter: 180°
• Self weight of the complete unit: approx. 850 kg

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