Retrofit: Customized Load Handling Equipment / Devices

Would you like to modernize, upgrade or expand your existing device? Then a retrofit unit is the perfect solution for you, with which we provide you with powerful support: Whether with a complete overhaul or the replacement of individual components.
The complete replacement of the load handling device with an exact replica of the existing AFB device or by a suitable new device is also possible.

Individual solutions for existing warehouse logistics systems

Our goal at AFB is to integrate our load handling devices and special solutions into existing systems and structures. This option saves resources and modernizes your warehouse logistics system sustainably. For this purpose, we adapt the respective designs of our equipment to the existing requirements. This avoids expensive and resource intensive modifications to the control systems. The unique aspect is that AFB devices can also replace equipment from other manufacturers.

Full project support by AFB

We assist your project from the inquiry to the start-up and are gladly to provide on-site measurements and mechanical installation of our devices The project management also includes the clarification of requirements through the design and manufacture of the device to the planning and support on site.

Less downtime – more performance

With a retrofit, we can realize more effective project lead times so that your plant can return to regular operation more quickly.
After replacing the load handling device, the performance of the entire system can be increased. This applies to older systems as well, as demonstrated by the example of our customer Telogs and their end customer Wave . Overall, downtime and failure times can be noticeably reduced, along with costs for maintenance and servicing. This leads to increased system availability and improved spare parts supply.

Successful retrofit projects

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