In order to ensure a long service life, specified maintenance intervals must be observed. In the event of damage, a repair must be coordinated. We support you in this. AFB offers you different solutions:

  • Overhaul of your AFB devices in our factory

  • Overhaul of your AFB devices at your location

We overhaul and repair your AFB telescopic tables according to the manufacturer’s specifications at AFB in the factory.

  • Disassembly, cleaning and testing

  • Repair offer

  • Exchange of bearings and chains

  • Touch up paint

  • 1 year warranty on the telescopic table, overhauled according to the manufacturer’s specifications

  • Inexpensive (approx. 30 – 70% of the new price)

  • Shorter delivery times than new devices

  • Long service life (approx. 90% compared to the new device)

AFB service technicians overhaul or repair your AFB telescope tables directly at your location.

  • Testing/Failure Analysis

  • Chain tension, shortening or exchange

  • Lubrication or replacement of bearings

  • Very short plant downtimes

We would be happy to work with you to find out which solution is the right one for your telescope tables!

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