Compact and flexible: the MINILOAD telescopic fork units from AFB are the perfect lifting devices for automated warehouses dealing with loads of up to 150kg.
The MINILOAD telescopic forks are available in both single-deep and multi-deep configurations.

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  • Ideal for loads up to 150 kg per fork

  • Compact and solid aluminium construction

  • Entirely belt-driven or chain driven

  • Lightweight weight

  • Optionally equipped with belt conveyors for collecting multiple loads

  • Minimal extension width at optimized heights

  • Flexible positioning possible

  • Matching accessories available (e. g. for sensor systems etc.)

  • Speeds up to 2m/s

  • Acceleration up to 5m/s2


  • Individually adjustable to different load units and application purposes

  • Solid design ensures extreme reliability

  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts for the product’s entire life cycle

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Modular and compact design (can be used in combination with other AFB products)

  • Energy efficient

  • Highly dirt resistant

Belt drive or chain drive?

  • The telescopic fork with a chain drive has a higher total height, because it needs a gearbox.

  • The telescopic fork with a chain is limited to a speed of max. 120 m/min.

  • The self weight is higher of a telescopic fork with chain drive.

  • The belt has no elongation instead of the chain.

When would you need to use a chain drive version instead of belt drive?

  • In cold storage applications

  • In aggressive environments


  • Distribution centers

  • Production automation

  • Parts logistic centers

  • E-commerce & omi-channel

  • General merchandise

  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics)


  • Stacker cranes

  • Shuttle systems

  • Transfer cars

  • Implemented stationary units

  • AGVs

TELESCOPIC MINILOAD Technical specifications

32 mm38 mm40 mm40 mm42 mm52 mm
Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5Type 6 multideep
H1-Height extending cross section32 mm38 mm40 mm40 mm42 mm52 mm
B1-Width of extending profilesmin. 155 mmmin. 155 mmmin.155 mmmin.175 mmmin.175 mmmin. 225 mm
UT-Fork lenght600 / 800 / 850 / 900 / up to 1800 mm
BH-Overall height107 mm113 mm115 mm117 mm119 mm138 mm
HUB-Stroke> Under table length>2x Under-table length
Aisle width700 - 2.000 mm
Payload100 kg - 250 kg on one prong100 kg on one prong
Accelerationmax. 5 m/s
Speedmax. 3 m/smax. 5 m/s


The Miniload telescopic with attachments can be integrated in: rotating units, lifting units with load centering, support brackets with integrated lifting unit, and much more.

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