Our warehouse technology solutions

The load handling devices made by AFB cover loads from 20 kg up to more than 50 tons for different load carriers. They are installed in our customers’ automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) or automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) as well as our own transfer cars. AFB handling devices are suitable for different environmental conditions and a wide temperature range (-35°C ambient temperature or +400°C load temperature).

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Telescopic Fork Units

The AFB telescopic tables are extremely versatile and configurable for specific industry applications. A variety of use cases can be covered for each industry, with a load range from 20 kg to 50 tons.

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Die Heber und Senker sowie Exzenterhubtische mit dem Plus aus über 50 Jahren Erfahrung.

Lifting units

Over 50 years of experience in building highly reliable and precise lifting and lowering units.

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Transfer cars

AFB’s transfer cars guarantee the optimal flow of materials in automated warehouses and production facilities.

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Rotary forks

Ideal for relocation in production lines, order picking with delivery from the front or loading and unloading of tugger trains, for both single or multiple deep storage.

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Rotary Telescopic Forks

Manoeuvrable and flexible: the rotating telescopic table is the suitable load handler for three-sided use in box or pallet stores as well as in stores with cross conveyor systems.

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AFB Special devices

Special equipment

Our extensive experience enables us to design and build a wide variety of customized solutions that solve the logistic challenges our customers face.

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    Solutions for all industries


    The basis of our success is a multitude of successfully implemented applications in the global market.

    About AFB Anlagen- und Filterbau GmbH

    More than 50 years of experience have made AFB Anlagen- und Filterbau a competent and global provider of load handling devices for transport technology. Our know how is the result of more than 10.000 client applications. It is also the basis for the flexible design and production of individual customer solutions.

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