Spare parts/AFB special tools

For us, the best service also includes being able to supply spare and wear parts for the entire life cycle of each of our load handling devices. We experience anew every day that our products have a very high lifetime expectancy and it fills us with proud when we receive requests for spare parts for AFB load handling devices which, operating for more than 30 years, already belong to the “old-timers”.

Spare Parts:

To ensure that you can quickly replace wear parts and carry out minor repairs without a longer system downtime, it is advisable to equip yourself with the most important original spare and wear parts. We will put together a spare parts package individually tailored to your unit – with pleasure also as basic equipment when you buy a new unit. To support you in selecting the necessary spare parts, we offer different packages as an alternative to the individual selection on request:

  • Wearing parts package „ALL IN“ with all wearing parts that are installed in our units.

  • Wearing parts package „MUST HAVE“ with the most necessary spare parts for a quick repair.

  • Spare parts package „CHAIN EXCHANGE“ with parts we recommend for the exchange of all chains.

  • Spare parts package „BEARING EXCHANGE“ with parts we recommend for the exchange of all bearings.

AFB special tools:

AFB Toolkit

For your service and maintenance work on our devices, we have put together a special TOOLkit that contains many special tools that are not available in the market. This means that repairs and maintenance work (e.g. shortening and changing chains, adjusting couplings, loosening and fixing tensioning sets, tensioning chains, lubricating special bearings and cam rollers, adjusting support rollers) can be carried out more quickly in future and without having to search for suitable tools.
The TOOLkit contains all special tools.
We would be happy to arrange a selection of tools specifically needed for your device if requested!

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