The ideal load suspension device for single or multiple depth storage and retrieval in the small parts warehouse.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s about moving classic pallets, coils or rolls: With the telescopic table MEDILOAD Single deep, you can carry out a wide variety of transport tasks quickly and dynamically at any time.

Optimal for single or multiple deep storage of heavy loads, developed with the know-how from over 45 years of experience.

Whether for relocation in production lines, order picking with delivery from the front or loading and unloading of tugger trains, they are ideal for single or multiple deep storage.

Maneuverable and flexible: the rotating telescopic table is the suitable load handler for three-sided use in box or pallet stores as well as in stores with cross conveyor systems.

Resilient and precise: the vertical conveyors with the plus from over 45 years of experience.

The eccentric lifting table is suitable for cross-conveying in production lines, for loading machines and for corner conversion or leveling in conveyor lines.

Safe on all levels: The AFB transfer cars guarantee an optimal material flow in your storage system.

Our design department will work with you to develop an individual product that is perfectly tailored to your application.

Move without lifting: the pulling systems are just the thing when it comes to pulling or pushing loads in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

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