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Whether you want to move pallets or coils: By means of the MEDILOAD telescopic fork for single deep storage you will always be able to complete various conveying tasks quickly and dynamically.


  • Automatic high-bay storage systems

  • Distribution centers

  • Production automation

  • Spare Parts Logistics

  • General merchandise

  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider)


  • Stacker cranes

  • Shuttle systems

  • Transfer cars

  • Stationary transfer stations

  • Attachment devices on industrial trucks

  • Automated guided vehicles


  • Individually adaptable to loading unit and application

  • Highest product reliability thanks to sturdy design

  • Guaranteed spare parts availability for the whole product life cycle

  • Lower maintenance costs/less maintenance

  • Modular and compact design (can be combined with other AFB products)

  • Energy efficient

  • Insusceptible to dirt


MEDILOAD single deep is available in more than 150 design versions with different extendible cross sections. Ideal for saving space and the chain drive makes it especially efficient. It is excellently suited for cold storage applications down to -40 °C, as well as for high temperature- or applications for the food industries. The drive unit and the fastening options can be positioned flexibly. In addition, a large selection of matching mounting consoles is available, for example for the sensors.


The MEDILOAD single deep can be equipped with additional AFB components: an eccentric lift with chain conveyor, receptacles for special load carriers (e.g. skids and machine pallets), a tilt unit, a rotating unit, an anti-slip coating, symmetrical and asymmetrical prong adjustment and many more. You can also choose whether you would like to combine one, two or multiple prongs.

Belt drive or chain drive?

  • The telescopic with a chain drive has a higher total height, because it needs a gearbox.

  • The telescopic fork with a chain is limited to a speed of max. 120 m/min.

  • The self weight is higher of a telescopic fork with chain drive.

  • The belt has no elongation instead of the chain.

When would you need to use a chain drive version instead of belt drive?

  • In cold storage applications

  • In aggressive environments

The MEDILOAD single-deep telescopic forks are also available in a hanging fork configuration and can be ordered with custom accessories according to the needs of your specific application.

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