Fast and dynamic: the telescopic fork unit MEDILOAD SINGLE-DEEP is highly versatile and can be optimized according to the respective application purpose, like for single-deep storage or for rolls and coils.

Compatible for loads between 150kg and 3.000kg

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  • More than 150 standard types available

  • Cost saving due to chain drive

  • Cost efficient trough optimal use of space

  • One- or two-prong units, special and protective upper forks available for coil transporting

  • Wide range of mounting brackets available

  • Flexible positioning of drive unit and anchorage

  •  Available with additional equipment
    – Upper forks for special carriers, e. g. skids and machinery pallets
    – Tilting mechanism, rotary unit and much more
    – Anti-slip lining
    – Symmetric or asymmetric tine adjustment
    – Eccentric chain conveyor

  • Option to combine one, two or more prongs

  • Cold storage application possible up to -40°C


  • Individually adjustable to different load unitsand application purposes

  • Solid design ensures extreme reliability

  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts for the product’s entire life cycle

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Modular and compact design (can be used in combination with other AFB products)

  • Energy efficient

  • Highly dirt resistant

Belt drive or chain drive?

  • The telescopic with a chain drive has a higher total height, because it needs a gearbox.

  • The telescopic fork with a chain is limited to a speed of max. 120 m/min.

  • The self weight is higher of a telescopic fork with chain drive.

  • The belt has no elongation instead of the chain.

When would you need to use a chain drive version instead of belt drive?

  • In cold storage applications

  • In aggressive environments


  • Automatic high-bay storage systems

  • Distribution centers

  • Production automation

  • Spare Parts Logistics

  • General merchandise

  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider)


  • Stacker cranes

  • Shuttle systems

  • Transfer cars

  • Stationary transfer units

  • Attachments for industrial trucks

  • AGVs

The MEDILOAD single-deep telescopic forks are also available in a hanging fork configuration and can be ordered with custom accessories according to the needs of your specific application.

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