Telogs und AFB

  • Ovidiu
  • Februar 28, 2020

Telogs and AFB – Hand in hand during repair and maintenance of your AFB load handling devices

AFB and TELOGS have entered into a „service partnership“, to be able to offer you a comprehensive service without annoying waiting periods.

Regularly, AFB provides technicians from its own final assembly department for service assignments. As this is only possible to a limited extent, TELOGS can support us with available technicians at any time. Their technicians are regularly trained on our premises on the load handling devices. TELOGS is manufacturer-independent and knows stacker cranes from almost all suppliers.

Your advantage:

•  If no AFB technician is available at short notice, we can still act quickly and fall back on the TELOGS service, which is available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.
•  Convenient billing takes place via AFB.
•  If electrical or electronic problems occur, trained TELOGS specialists are available (AFB technicians may only carry out purely mechanical work).

If you have any questions about our service, maintenance or repair work, please contact our aftersales team.
Information about our service partner can be found at

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