Rotary telescopic fork for the storage of IBC containers

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  • August 24, 2021

Industry applications – Rotary Telescopic fork

With the DT3-0.5-1630, we have developed a rotary telescopic fork especially for the automated double-deep storage of IBC containers, amongst others. The special feature: It can be used to drive into load carriers that are closed at the bottom – even with drive-in windows that are closed all around. You do not need an additional assistant pallet and can therefore store more pallets with the same storage volume. The double-deep storage additionally increases the capacities. Thanks to the smaller turning diameter compared to a rotary pushing fork, the rotary telescopic fork can be used flexibly. Load carriers can be handled from both sides as well as from the front, and Euro pallets can be stored crosswise. The effective avoidance of top heats in the racking reduces the storage volume, which leads to significant cost savings.

Technical data:

  • Load carrier: IBC-Container
  •  Load weight:
    1st position: 500 kg
    2nd position: 400 kg
  •  Stroke:
    1st position: 1550 + 50 mm
    2nd position: 2775 + 50 mm
  •  Rotating angle: 180°
  •  Rotating time for 180°: 8 s
  •  Turning diameter: 1786 mm
  •  Length of the unit: 1630 mm
  •  Self weight of the unit: 1456 kg

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