Für die unkomplizierte Einlagerung von Rollen für die Reifenherstellung hat AFB einen exakt auf die Anforderungen des Kunden abgestimmten Sonderteleskoptisch entwickelt. Das Prisma auf den Obertischen sorgt für eine sichere Aufnahme der Rollen in einem Durchmesser von 200 bis 1200 mm.

Special telescopic fork for the storage of rolls

  • ovidiu_admin
  • February 6, 2020

For the uncomplicated storage of rolls for tire production, AFB has developed a special telescopic fork unit that is precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements. The prism on the top forks ensures a safe storage of rolls with a diameter of 200 to 1200 mm. The position of the roll on the prism can be determined by integrated sensors. A further customer requirement was to define the driving values in combination with the design of prism so that the roll does not fall out of the prism in the event of an emergency stop. The guidance of the energy chains allows the telescopic fork to extend on both sides, so a separate turning unit is not necessary. With a stroke of 2775 mm + 50 mm reserve for double-deep storage, this telescopic fork unit can carry a huge payload of 2,000 kg.

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